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We aim to be the first choice for any client looking for a solution and constantly strive to perfect our services and contacts. Therefore, we are geared towards offering a truly one stop shop that will meet all our clients’ needs. Our simplified processes and clear lines of communication give the client the confidence to engage us in all manners of real estate and financial scenarios. Bamago Realtors Group wants to have long term relationships with our clients.

Bamago Realtors Group is a startup company founded in the year 2007 by Maria Antonieta Barahona and her son, Mario Gorrías. The company has grown organically since it's creation when Mrs. Barahona identified a huge lack of professional real estate services in the east side of San Jose and decided to intervene. In the beginning the firm began focused in retailing and during the last two years has begun the creation of real estate portfolios, consulting and financing. Both founders have multiple real estate certifications from CCCBR and the firm is now a member.