Make an inspection before buying

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In countries like USA, it is a standard procedure on every transaction of buying and selling to make an inspection prior to the closing and day of the signature. However, in Costa Rica a client rarely hires an expert to make a diagnosis of the construction, to know what it is important/necessary to repair and the associated costs. It is vital for a buyer to do an inspection because it can detect flaws, problems or discover uncertainties that may or will probably affect the price of the property under negotiation, even in some cases you could eliminate the property as a prospect of acquisition. It is better to pay an amount of $100 - $300 than buying a house where the electrical system (for example) is in bad condition and the repair costs could add to more than $10,000. What would you do? You cannot go back to the seller and renegotiate the price. You cannot go to the bank to request an increase of the mortgage on the property just days after you formalized your loan. What you should do is request an inspection beforehand. Once you obtain the expert's report, the buyer and seller negotiate how those repairs (if any) will impact the price.

If you are a seller, Bamago Realtors Group advices to do an inspection and make the necessary repairs in order to protect the value of the property. In addition, you will convey confidence to the interested parties by delivering a copy of the report and that the repairs have been made. If you are a seller or buyer and you want to hire an inspector, we can gladly make you the reference.