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Real Estate Consulting

  • Acquisition: providing the client of advice that will result in the correct identification of a property purchase. This is done through an appropriate selection of multiple properties based on the needs/wants of the client followed by comparative & risk analysis, and ultimately, negotiation
  • Marketing (selling): Bamago Realtors Group lays out a plan to owners who wish to liquidate real estate in a successful way and we will execute this plan through different channels.
  • Renting:  Bamago Realtors Group provides assistance to tenants or landlords wanting to find either the property to rent or locate an adequate suitor for the property.
  • Investing: if you have an existing real estate portfolio or wish to start one,Bamago Realtors Group will work with you a strategy to achieve high returns on investment (ROI) and attain long term goals.
  • Valuation: our experience in participating in the market everyday with the technical knowledge obtained through appraisal certifications of the CCCBR allows Bamago Realtors Group to perform real estate valuations from three (3) different views: financial, market and replacement values
  • Legal: we provide a thorough legal advice to clients and we are backed up by existing alliances with multiple attorneys in renowned law firms who will evacuate any law inquiries governing real estate.


  • Bank Financing: Bamago Realtors Group has relationships with major Costa Rican banks (private and estate) so as to guide you through the process of acquiring financing as well as obtaining the best terms.
  • Private Financing: we work directly for multiple private lenders that are ready and able to fund in days rather than months (i.e. with banks) loans with real estate as collateral. The process is very simple we will be happy to provide you with details.

Real Estate Development

  • Remodeling: Bamago Realtors Group has a general contractor that can remodel/repair your property. His services, delivery and quality are guaranteed by us.
  • Construction: Bamago Realtors Group has alliances with an architect and engineers who can provide a diversity of services.
  • Relocation: we have an alliance with Mudanzas Mundiales who can relocate you either locally or internationally.