Recently in California, USA a new product for the residential market was devised. The concept is designed for the families with more than one generation (for example parents over sixty years with sons in their thirties) who wish to close to each other, but do not want to live in the same home, possibly cannot pay more than one house and value their autonomy/ personal space. The company NextGen noticed that many families were seeking to buy two identical units within the same residential. Therefore, they found an innovative solution by the design and construction of this concept, they called it “Home within a Home”. If you like to see the concept brought into reality watch the video here.

The question is: does the concept work in Costa Rica? Bamago Realtors Group have noticed it should work because in the market there is a need for innovative products that will satisfy multiple generations simultaneously. As Costa Ricans we like to stay close to family and couples who have started a family are looking to stay as close as possible to their parents to get their support. The current options in the Costa Rican market are limited to vertical condominiums (towers), where the price per m2 is over $ 1,200 and have no garden (highly desired by the traditional “Tico”); horizontal condominiums where most of the projects are of dozens of units (developments of Vivicon, Kirebe, Eurohogar, etc.) therefore, that conviviality or family coziness ceases to exists and becomes a neighborhood. Finally, those who have the resources and time will prefer to buy land and build their custom project. Today, Bamago Realtors Group has not found in Costa Rica something similar to the idea of “Home within a Home”. Are you interested in this concept?